Nation Building International Ministries (NBIM)

Pastor Muka on left). Founder, in Congo

Pastor Muka on left). Founder, in Congo


Mission Statement:  Our mission is to empower people with knowledge that will fulfill their human needs and help them transform their environments.


Nation Building International Ministries (NBIM) has been given the
vision to develop potential in people. We do this
by providing
education, food, shelter, transportation, healthcare support and employment through our Career Skill Learning Center (2014), Community Economic Development Program, and Community Service Programs. The long-term vision of the Ministry is to establish a Christian Technical University in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[1]

NBIM is a faith-based ministry designed to develop the God-given potential in people as instructed by the principles of Christ. The Ministry came into existence when Muka Muyaya received the vision from God to build a Christian Technical University inCentral Africa. The Congo was formerly known as Zaire. It is located in Central Africa.[1] In 1998, Pastor Muyaya took a leap of faith and began to worktowards this call.[2]  The ministry has three objectives:

  1. Teach the Word of God
  2. Empower with knowledge
  3. Build People


[1] 1 Sam 3:9-10

[2] Hab. 2:2-3, Matt. 28:18-20)


[1] Neh. 2:5, KJV

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