Drastic Measures

2013 drastic measures.1



This book is easy reading and easy flowing. It gets to the point. Readers will come away with new techniques on how to deal with drastic changes that occur. Readers will see the best and the worst of what could happen when drastic changes occur; you will use drastic measures to meet them.

 Minister S. Campbell McQueen, 12/25/2010

I am honored to have met Pastor Muka Muyaya; he is truly a man of God who has and will continue to do great things around the world, for the KINGDOM of God.  His book – Drastic Measures to Meet Drastic Changes is a quick read but packed with valuable nuggets of wisdom especially in the area of God’s training and His process of leading His generals into the promise land. Never tell God that you will not do a certain assignment. Before you enter your promised land He will surely have you do those jobs. We must humble ourselves committed to the will of God’s and not our own, to be true servants of God. Many laughed when we told them “God said that if we took care of His needy, He would take care of our needs”(my family of 6).  As we approach our 4th year of “living by faith” and serving the needy globally… God remains faithful to the Reiner’s and staffs of Project 5 2. God will ask you to do drastic moves and assignments over the course of following Him; But He will always keep His end of the covenant. Expect miracles to follow once you grasp the principles of Drastic Measures to Meet Drastic Changes.

Jerry Reiner, Servant / CEO of Project 5 2

 Foundation Builders International


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