Drastic Measures Prologue



Being born and cultivated in Africa gives you an African perspective on life. Being born and cultivated in the Americas gives you an American perspective on life. However, when an African and an American come together, we make a difference.”

—Minister Sherri Campbell McQueen, 2010


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Drastic Measures Chap 4

Going through what you are going through will not get you to your breakthrough. What will get you to your breakthrough is:

washington park131)         when you get involved in what you’re doing;

2)         when you start cooperating with God’s plan in your life; and

3)         when you start following the leading of the Holy Spirit that tells you what to do when changes occur in your life.

Let me share some of my life with you.

After going to Africa for a crusade in 2007, I came back to the United States of America. My school was in shambles. The program we developed in 2004-2005 was in shambles. I did not have income. When I came, my son, Mande Muyaya came to visit me and we talked. I asked him, “Son, Oh Glory! How are things going?” and he told me “Everything’s fine.” I said, “Where are you working right now?” He said, “Now, I can even fix the truck. I’m an auto mechanic.” So he was comparing what he had learned from me and what he had learned about fixing a truck on his current job. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I asked him, I said, “Listen, I am not ashamed to ask you for information. Where are you working? I need a job.” The young man gave me the phone number of the agency he went through and he gave me the name of the company he was working for called BAE, British Aerospace Company. The next day, I went to this agency and applied for a job. I got hired and sent to that company to work. With my four degrees, with my ego of being highly educated, with my intellectual challenges, I was thrown out on a job that paid $10.50; the lowest pay bracket for my education.

Drastic measures will get you closer to your Promised Land and you can see far away the horizon of your promised land. Drastic measures will bring you closer to



your destiny. Then you can say, “I can see the wall. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Drastic measures, will take you closer to your success. It’s what plan you have put down and you are working the plan step-by-step to get you to your final destination. Drastic measure is that less traveled road. You are on the road that few have traveled. Drastic measures are those spinning wheels; you have a pilot, which is called Jesus. You are driving through the shadow of the test, but you don’t die because the staff of God is comforting you.  Oh, my, my, my!

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Purchase requests ($12.00 per book) should be sent to

Pastor Muka Muyaya, P.O. Box 14746   Cincinnati Ohio 45250.


Drastic Measures Chap 2

I have education. After going through schools and years of schooling; years of hard work and years of research, I found at the end of each training program they will give you a piece of paper called a certificate or degree. That piece of paper says you qualify for what you have just completed. It shows you have gone through the program. That piece of paper gives credibility to what you say. It shows your effort; your involvement; your cooperation. It shows your commitment. It shows your hard work so that the next person in your life, who will open a door of opportunity, will know I am dealing with a person who can get the job done. You have to do it. You see they will never give you a diploma or a degree without you doing your part. That’s what I am talking about. Get involved in what happens in your life. Don’t be distracted. Focus and deal with what’s going on in your life.

When changes occur, you have to be careful. When changes occur in your life, you have to be awake. When changes occur in your life, you have to take notice of them. In order for you to take notice of the changes, you have to be aware of what measure you can take to meet these challenges to be successful and not fail. Believe me my friend; change is the only constant in life. You like it or not. Changes will occur without your permission. Changes don’t know what is going on in your life; changes don’t care where you find yourself in life, changes are just agents that occur.

Look at your body. Changes have occurred from your youth, even from your birth. Change in the way we see things. Change in the way we eat. Change in the way we learn. Change in the way we perceive life. We change our diet. We change our mind. We change our way of doing things. Change will happen. The question is, “What are you going to do about it?”

This is where drastic measures are so important because if you don’t take drastic measures to meet drastic changes, guess what, death is inevitable. The person you want to become requires your involvement. The person you want to become requires your effort. The person you want to become requires drastic measures for you to get there. Do not minimize getting down and doing it. That’s the bottom line. The teaching belongs to those who take drastic measures now to get to their destiny. What do I mean? This is so important; I want you to get this because it is so important. A person who does not take drastic measures to meet drastic changes is going to be behind getting to their destiny. This reminds me of the biblical character of Joshua. God told Joshua, “…My servant, Moses is dead.” He looked at Joshua and said, (I’m paraphrasing here… Joshua 1:2) “You have worked with Moses for 40 years and seen the drastic measures he took in the wilderness to get you to the Promised Land.” What is God talking about? He’s talking about how Moses took the challenge of getting the children of Israel across the Red Sea when the  Egyptians were chasing them. They were running from the Egyptians to get out of slavery. You know the story and if not, go to the Holy Bible (Exodus 13:17-19) and read it. The story itself is interesting (Book of Exodus).

To learn more about Drastic Measures, send request for the free  sample copy to mkpublications @outlook.com

Purchase requests ($12.00 per book) should be sent to

Pastor Muka Muyaya, P.O. Box 14746   Cincinnati Ohio 45250.

Drastic Measures Chap 1

Drastic change requires drastic measures. We really cannot avoid them. They happen without your permission. They happen when you don’t expect them. They happen. You can make a difference in the outcome because those drastic changes require drastic measures (those un traditional means that we sometimes have to use to obtain our goals). We have to pay bills. We have to eat. We have to have a roof over our head. So sometimes, it takes un traditional thinking, going outside the box per se to get to our Promised Land. Those drastic changes require your involvement. You make the difference in the outcome. Changes that occur in our lives are not always avoidable.

Look at Darryl. Did he expect five years into marriage to have to deal with his wife’s offspring? Did he predict that situation? Of course not, it just happened. You see changes will occur in your life – unexpected changes. We should not be outsiders to these changes. We should not be distracted. Drastic changes that occur require drastic measures to meet those changes. Why? Because when drastic changes occur, if you do not take drastic measures to meet them, guess what? You can die. You can die from not taking drastic measures to meet drastic changes. The person you want to become requires your involvement. The person you want to become requires your cooperation. The person you want to become requires your input. In other words, let it out. Make it happen. If you are waiting for heaven to open up and let manna fall on your lap, you are living in the past. The only thing about the past is, we can learn from it but we cannot live in it. If you want to build a bright future, a future that will lead you into your destiny, you have to take drastic measures now. Hallelujah! This is serious business; business we don’t take serious enough until something happens. This is God’s revelation.  This reminds me of the biblical story of a desperate paralytic man found in the Book of St. Mark 2:1-3. The man and his friends who lowered him knew that standing behind the unsympathetic crowd would not get them the results they wanted. Therefore, they became more creative. They said to themselves, “We cannot go around this big crowd to get to Jesus. We cannot go through them either because everybody wants to get their miracle from Jesus.” But guess what they did? They broke the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching and lowered the man before Jesus. They did the unusual thing. They went over the crowd and they got the unusual results. Their friend was healed. If you do the unusual, you will get the results you are looking for.

I like this woman in the story (Book of St. Mark 5:21-43). If you are expecting the uncommon, you must be ready to make some uncommon efforts. If it is to be, it is up to you. This woman’s desperation was so extreme that she stole the show. Sometimes it is better to steal the show. Please note, it wasn’t her sorry look that got her the healing miracle from Jesus. Mind you, this was a sick woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years. She was abandoned by doctors neglected and rejected by her society. This woman was a desperate human being. Are you desperate enough to go for it?  In the scriptures, everyone who came out hungry, swinging, desperate and screaming always went home with something. The secret is in your ability to seize the moment  without panic and  make a decision. Take a measure to meet the change. The example of this woman is a profound display of drastic measures to meet the changes in her life. Learn from it.

Frankly this passage in The Book of St. Mark 5:21-43 tells us about a certain ruler, Jairus, who petitioned Jesus for his daughter’s life. “My daughter is dying. Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.” (Mark 5:23). The next text says Jesus accepted his invitation and was actually taking the healing crusade to Jairus’ home when a woman with a twelve-year issue of blood showed up and took Jesus’ attention away to herself. She stole the show. She got the total undivided attention of the Master. The Healer. The doctor who never lost a case. The Holy one of Israel. The Savior of the world stopped in the middle of a great crowd and asked, “Who touched me?” This is yet another story that demonstrates the awesomeness of drastic measures to meet drastic changes in life. As you can see, this woman came into the crowd from behind. She wasn’t scheduled. When this story began, this woman was not in the picture. This was not her story. The spotlight in this story belonged to Jairus’ daughter whom Jesus was headed toward to heal. If nothing disruptive had happened, the next miracle on Jesus’ schedule was the healing of Jairus’ daughter. If everything went on course and according to the plan without diversions or distractions, Jairus’ daughter was next in line. And no diversion was expected. No intrusion was anticipated. But Jesus didn’t’ mind even though He was in a hurry to get to Jairus’ dying daughter. There was one unscheduled stop. The woman with the twelve-year history of hemorrhaging jumped the queue. In her desperation, she reached out and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment believing for a miracle that couldn’t wait until later on in life. You could say, she stole the show and you wouldn’t be wrong. Drastic measures met the change in her life. She got what she longed for. The healing of her body if it is meant to be, it is up to you.


To learn more about Drastic Measures, send request for free sample copy

to mkpublications @outlook.com

Purchase requests ($12.00 per book) should be sent to

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Drastic Measures Lucia

Before going into the professional trade of welding, Lucia worked in healthcare. She worked in that field nearly two decades before she decided to break from it. After losing so many patients, she bowed out. Lucia went to a training school to learn to weld. She passed the tests and did well She obtained a job with a government contracting company because she did so well.While working with the government contract, she was not looked upon as a welder; she was seen as a woman in the field. This made quite a difference for her because she didn’t always get the same benefits as the male population when it came to the job. Every day was based on the mood of the supervisor. One particular day she was called upon to weld many pieces in a short period of time. She was working alongside one of the male welders. They were making progress. But, the supervisor was one of those people who discriminated against women and men of color. Lucia got tired and went to get a drink of water. She went to take a bathroom break. She walked away to take care of human necessities. The supervisor noticed this and began to harass her as soon as she came from the bathroom. His harassment was frustrating. She complained to her male counterparts about this and each one gave her their respective advice. She was so frustrated, she cut herself on he arm while rushing to try to complete this welding job. She was stressed out. She needed the job but not the harassment.

This harassment went on daily. She didn’t know what to do because the supervisor had the backing of the supervisor over them. She needed to take drastic measures to meet the changes. But what could she do? Drastic measures will occur in your life. How you handle them will make a difference. What do you think will happen to Lucia? Well, let’s see.

Drastic Measures Darryl

A friend of mine had three brothers growing up; Allen, Jonas and Darryl. Allen suffered a premature death. Jonas got married and divorced within a ten-year span. Jonas got married a second time and is facing divorce again. Darryl produced several children and later married. After producing these children by multiple women, Darryl decided he didn’t want to be working and having to pay child support for the children. Mind you, these are his children. So, he quit his job so the State would not be taking money from his check each week. Now keep in mind, the reason the State developed this system was because of people like him who financially refused to take care of their children. This young man waited many years before he married. The woman he married was not the mother of his children. She had children of her own. They got married in their 40s. They were married maybe five years. In the fifth year, the woman’s children, adult males, came to live with her and her husband. These 30+ males didn’t like the way Darryl was treating his wife, their mother. They voiced their complaints. The woman listened and she and the husband began to quarrel all the time. So much so, Darryl left his wife. He left his home. He went to stay with one of his family members. The biggest issues he had with his wife, however, were not only her adult children complaining about him, but also that he wasn’t working. Once again, he didn’t want the State to take money from his paycheck to pay for supporting his children. You see what happened here? Drastic changes have occurred. It’s not unusual to have children. It’s not unusual to lose your job. It’s not unusual to have differences with your spouse. But look at what has happened? Drastic cuts into radical solutions have occurred for Darryl. Darryl doesn’t want to make financial payments to support his own offspring and here he runs into a situation later where someone else’s offspring’s are telling him what to do. What does Darryl do? He flees the situation. He leaves his wife, his home and his employment. What has he accomplished here? He has taken drastic measures to meet the drastic changes in his life. Drastic changes will occur in your life. How you handle them will dictate what type of life you live. Drastic changes or nontraditional challenges can become fatal if not handled well. What do you think will happen to Darryl? Well, to find out you’ll have to read the rest of the book.

Unforgettable Chapter 3

 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. … Proverbs 4:7


The Beautiful Colors of The Congo "The Democratic Republic of the Congo" (DRC) formerly Zaire

The Beautiful Colors of The Congo “The Democratic Republic of the Congo” (DRC) formerly Zaire

Chapter 3…Get Wisdom

During the next five years, times were hard for my mother and my remaining siblings in Kasai, so I moved them to Kinshasa. My life in the army was good, but the salary was not. I had a wife and three children. With my father being deceased, my siblings and I alternated taking care of my mother.

We are such a close family, whenever we were in the vicinity to visit each other we did so.  During my stay in Kinshasa, my brothers, Samuel and Danio came to visit me one day. It was during one of their visits that Danio suggested I go into technical school. I did. After three years of technical training, I graduated, was placed in a special program to become a foreman and moved into the rank of second lieutenant. Because of this training, I was now qualified as a professional who could charge the customer service costs according to the state law. I received this diploma in a Catholic Professional School. It gave me an anchorage for my first discovery of the technical field; opened the door to where I am today, and gave me income advantages.

As a foreman, and the top student in my class, I was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and given more leadership responsibility at the Kokolo Military Camp in Kinshasa. As a high-ranking authority, I was a vehicle maintenance commander of one hundred and fifty soldiers, drivers, mechanics, and maintenance people. It was through this service to my country that I met the American delegation that would open the door to bring me to America.

Unforgettable Chapter 4

“But when he heard that Archelaus did reign in Judaea in the room of his father Herod, he was afraid to go thither: notwithstanding, being warned of God in a dream, he turned aside into the parts of Galilee:”—Matthew 2:222013 africa.2.giraffes


I came to America during the 1980s when my country, formerly known as Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was in political turmoil. The President at that time, Mobuto-Sese-Seko, had been the country’s leader for more than twenty years. After fifteen years in reign, he started practicing tribalism [discriminating among the various Congolese ethnic groups]. This brought about chaos and divisions among the groups. It was my ethnic group, the Lubas of Kasai, which had come against the leader for political change. This made him angry and he declared a “silent war” against the entire Luba group. This “silent war”, which lasted close to twenty years, affected everyone in some way. I lost my privileges as a Second Lieutenant and was returned to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer.  But I am so glad; God had a plan for my life.

As an officer in command of repairing American-made trucks and jeeps for more than five years, my assignment was at the Kokolo Military Camp in Kinshasa. Being in that military base gave me the opportunity to work with an American delegation, which trained sergeants under my leadership. My ability to speak both French and English allowed me to serve as translator between the Americans and the Congolese. Eight months after the Americans left Africa, I was recognized for my work and was rewarded a merit scholarship to come to America to continue my assignment in the American Army.

With the silent war in the Congo, I was denied enrollment into the Congolese Officer English Training School several times. Finally, I got in and completed the class but was not allowed to travel to America with my classmates because of the discrimination. I lost hope for a while. But one morning, I decided not to go to work but to go to army headquarters. I just wanted to do something about this discrimination; I was tired of it. The captain in charge advised me to change my name, adopt the President’s region name and keep quiet about my true origin. I walked away.  On my way out of the building, I saw the American sergeant who was in charge of the Institute of American Languages and told him my situation. Taking me by the hand, he marched right down to the army chief general and requested that I get all the provisions I needed to go to America. God made it happen for me. Within forty-eight hours. Surely He had a plan for my life even when I knew not. I was on my way to America.