Unforgettable Chapter 3

 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. … Proverbs 4:7


The Beautiful Colors of The Congo "The Democratic Republic of the Congo" (DRC) formerly Zaire

The Beautiful Colors of The Congo “The Democratic Republic of the Congo” (DRC) formerly Zaire

Chapter 3…Get Wisdom

During the next five years, times were hard for my mother and my remaining siblings in Kasai, so I moved them to Kinshasa. My life in the army was good, but the salary was not. I had a wife and three children. With my father being deceased, my siblings and I alternated taking care of my mother.

We are such a close family, whenever we were in the vicinity to visit each other we did so.  During my stay in Kinshasa, my brothers, Samuel and Danio came to visit me one day. It was during one of their visits that Danio suggested I go into technical school. I did. After three years of technical training, I graduated, was placed in a special program to become a foreman and moved into the rank of second lieutenant. Because of this training, I was now qualified as a professional who could charge the customer service costs according to the state law. I received this diploma in a Catholic Professional School. It gave me an anchorage for my first discovery of the technical field; opened the door to where I am today, and gave me income advantages.

As a foreman, and the top student in my class, I was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and given more leadership responsibility at the Kokolo Military Camp in Kinshasa. As a high-ranking authority, I was a vehicle maintenance commander of one hundred and fifty soldiers, drivers, mechanics, and maintenance people. It was through this service to my country that I met the American delegation that would open the door to bring me to America.


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