Drastic Measures Lucia

Before going into the professional trade of welding, Lucia worked in healthcare. She worked in that field nearly two decades before she decided to break from it. After losing so many patients, she bowed out. Lucia went to a training school to learn to weld. She passed the tests and did well She obtained a job with a government contracting company because she did so well.While working with the government contract, she was not looked upon as a welder; she was seen as a woman in the field. This made quite a difference for her because she didn’t always get the same benefits as the male population when it came to the job. Every day was based on the mood of the supervisor. One particular day she was called upon to weld many pieces in a short period of time. She was working alongside one of the male welders. They were making progress. But, the supervisor was one of those people who discriminated against women and men of color. Lucia got tired and went to get a drink of water. She went to take a bathroom break. She walked away to take care of human necessities. The supervisor noticed this and began to harass her as soon as she came from the bathroom. His harassment was frustrating. She complained to her male counterparts about this and each one gave her their respective advice. She was so frustrated, she cut herself on he arm while rushing to try to complete this welding job. She was stressed out. She needed the job but not the harassment.

This harassment went on daily. She didn’t know what to do because the supervisor had the backing of the supervisor over them. She needed to take drastic measures to meet the changes. But what could she do? Drastic measures will occur in your life. How you handle them will make a difference. What do you think will happen to Lucia? Well, let’s see.

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