Drastic Measures Chap 4

Going through what you are going through will not get you to your breakthrough. What will get you to your breakthrough is:

washington park131)         when you get involved in what you’re doing;

2)         when you start cooperating with God’s plan in your life; and

3)         when you start following the leading of the Holy Spirit that tells you what to do when changes occur in your life.

Let me share some of my life with you.

After going to Africa for a crusade in 2007, I came back to the United States of America. My school was in shambles. The program we developed in 2004-2005 was in shambles. I did not have income. When I came, my son, Mande Muyaya came to visit me and we talked. I asked him, “Son, Oh Glory! How are things going?” and he told me “Everything’s fine.” I said, “Where are you working right now?” He said, “Now, I can even fix the truck. I’m an auto mechanic.” So he was comparing what he had learned from me and what he had learned about fixing a truck on his current job. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I asked him, I said, “Listen, I am not ashamed to ask you for information. Where are you working? I need a job.” The young man gave me the phone number of the agency he went through and he gave me the name of the company he was working for called BAE, British Aerospace Company. The next day, I went to this agency and applied for a job. I got hired and sent to that company to work. With my four degrees, with my ego of being highly educated, with my intellectual challenges, I was thrown out on a job that paid $10.50; the lowest pay bracket for my education.

Drastic measures will get you closer to your Promised Land and you can see far away the horizon of your promised land. Drastic measures will bring you closer to



your destiny. Then you can say, “I can see the wall. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Drastic measures, will take you closer to your success. It’s what plan you have put down and you are working the plan step-by-step to get you to your final destination. Drastic measure is that less traveled road. You are on the road that few have traveled. Drastic measures are those spinning wheels; you have a pilot, which is called Jesus. You are driving through the shadow of the test, but you don’t die because the staff of God is comforting you.  Oh, my, my, my!

To learn more about Drastic Measures, send request for free sample copy to mkpublications @outlook.com

Purchase requests ($12.00 per book) should be sent to

Pastor Muka Muyaya, P.O. Box 14746   Cincinnati Ohio 45250.


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