Drastic Measures Darryl

A friend of mine had three brothers growing up; Allen, Jonas and Darryl. Allen suffered a premature death. Jonas got married and divorced within a ten-year span. Jonas got married a second time and is facing divorce again. Darryl produced several children and later married. After producing these children by multiple women, Darryl decided he didn’t want to be working and having to pay child support for the children. Mind you, these are his children. So, he quit his job so the State would not be taking money from his check each week. Now keep in mind, the reason the State developed this system was because of people like him who financially refused to take care of their children. This young man waited many years before he married. The woman he married was not the mother of his children. She had children of her own. They got married in their 40s. They were married maybe five years. In the fifth year, the woman’s children, adult males, came to live with her and her husband. These 30+ males didn’t like the way Darryl was treating his wife, their mother. They voiced their complaints. The woman listened and she and the husband began to quarrel all the time. So much so, Darryl left his wife. He left his home. He went to stay with one of his family members. The biggest issues he had with his wife, however, were not only her adult children complaining about him, but also that he wasn’t working. Once again, he didn’t want the State to take money from his paycheck to pay for supporting his children. You see what happened here? Drastic changes have occurred. It’s not unusual to have children. It’s not unusual to lose your job. It’s not unusual to have differences with your spouse. But look at what has happened? Drastic cuts into radical solutions have occurred for Darryl. Darryl doesn’t want to make financial payments to support his own offspring and here he runs into a situation later where someone else’s offspring’s are telling him what to do. What does Darryl do? He flees the situation. He leaves his wife, his home and his employment. What has he accomplished here? He has taken drastic measures to meet the drastic changes in his life. Drastic changes will occur in your life. How you handle them will dictate what type of life you live. Drastic changes or nontraditional challenges can become fatal if not handled well. What do you think will happen to Darryl? Well, to find out you’ll have to read the rest of the book.

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