Drastic Measures Chap 1

Drastic change requires drastic measures. We really cannot avoid them. They happen without your permission. They happen when you don’t expect them. They happen. You can make a difference in the outcome because those drastic changes require drastic measures (those un traditional means that we sometimes have to use to obtain our goals). We have to pay bills. We have to eat. We have to have a roof over our head. So sometimes, it takes un traditional thinking, going outside the box per se to get to our Promised Land. Those drastic changes require your involvement. You make the difference in the outcome. Changes that occur in our lives are not always avoidable.

Look at Darryl. Did he expect five years into marriage to have to deal with his wife’s offspring? Did he predict that situation? Of course not, it just happened. You see changes will occur in your life – unexpected changes. We should not be outsiders to these changes. We should not be distracted. Drastic changes that occur require drastic measures to meet those changes. Why? Because when drastic changes occur, if you do not take drastic measures to meet them, guess what? You can die. You can die from not taking drastic measures to meet drastic changes. The person you want to become requires your involvement. The person you want to become requires your cooperation. The person you want to become requires your input. In other words, let it out. Make it happen. If you are waiting for heaven to open up and let manna fall on your lap, you are living in the past. The only thing about the past is, we can learn from it but we cannot live in it. If you want to build a bright future, a future that will lead you into your destiny, you have to take drastic measures now. Hallelujah! This is serious business; business we don’t take serious enough until something happens. This is God’s revelation.  This reminds me of the biblical story of a desperate paralytic man found in the Book of St. Mark 2:1-3. The man and his friends who lowered him knew that standing behind the unsympathetic crowd would not get them the results they wanted. Therefore, they became more creative. They said to themselves, “We cannot go around this big crowd to get to Jesus. We cannot go through them either because everybody wants to get their miracle from Jesus.” But guess what they did? They broke the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching and lowered the man before Jesus. They did the unusual thing. They went over the crowd and they got the unusual results. Their friend was healed. If you do the unusual, you will get the results you are looking for.

I like this woman in the story (Book of St. Mark 5:21-43). If you are expecting the uncommon, you must be ready to make some uncommon efforts. If it is to be, it is up to you. This woman’s desperation was so extreme that she stole the show. Sometimes it is better to steal the show. Please note, it wasn’t her sorry look that got her the healing miracle from Jesus. Mind you, this was a sick woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years. She was abandoned by doctors neglected and rejected by her society. This woman was a desperate human being. Are you desperate enough to go for it?  In the scriptures, everyone who came out hungry, swinging, desperate and screaming always went home with something. The secret is in your ability to seize the moment  without panic and  make a decision. Take a measure to meet the change. The example of this woman is a profound display of drastic measures to meet the changes in her life. Learn from it.

Frankly this passage in The Book of St. Mark 5:21-43 tells us about a certain ruler, Jairus, who petitioned Jesus for his daughter’s life. “My daughter is dying. Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.” (Mark 5:23). The next text says Jesus accepted his invitation and was actually taking the healing crusade to Jairus’ home when a woman with a twelve-year issue of blood showed up and took Jesus’ attention away to herself. She stole the show. She got the total undivided attention of the Master. The Healer. The doctor who never lost a case. The Holy one of Israel. The Savior of the world stopped in the middle of a great crowd and asked, “Who touched me?” This is yet another story that demonstrates the awesomeness of drastic measures to meet drastic changes in life. As you can see, this woman came into the crowd from behind. She wasn’t scheduled. When this story began, this woman was not in the picture. This was not her story. The spotlight in this story belonged to Jairus’ daughter whom Jesus was headed toward to heal. If nothing disruptive had happened, the next miracle on Jesus’ schedule was the healing of Jairus’ daughter. If everything went on course and according to the plan without diversions or distractions, Jairus’ daughter was next in line. And no diversion was expected. No intrusion was anticipated. But Jesus didn’t’ mind even though He was in a hurry to get to Jairus’ dying daughter. There was one unscheduled stop. The woman with the twelve-year history of hemorrhaging jumped the queue. In her desperation, she reached out and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment believing for a miracle that couldn’t wait until later on in life. You could say, she stole the show and you wouldn’t be wrong. Drastic measures met the change in her life. She got what she longed for. The healing of her body if it is meant to be, it is up to you.


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