Drastic Measures Chap 2

I have education. After going through schools and years of schooling; years of hard work and years of research, I found at the end of each training program they will give you a piece of paper called a certificate or degree. That piece of paper says you qualify for what you have just completed. It shows you have gone through the program. That piece of paper gives credibility to what you say. It shows your effort; your involvement; your cooperation. It shows your commitment. It shows your hard work so that the next person in your life, who will open a door of opportunity, will know I am dealing with a person who can get the job done. You have to do it. You see they will never give you a diploma or a degree without you doing your part. That’s what I am talking about. Get involved in what happens in your life. Don’t be distracted. Focus and deal with what’s going on in your life.

When changes occur, you have to be careful. When changes occur in your life, you have to be awake. When changes occur in your life, you have to take notice of them. In order for you to take notice of the changes, you have to be aware of what measure you can take to meet these challenges to be successful and not fail. Believe me my friend; change is the only constant in life. You like it or not. Changes will occur without your permission. Changes don’t know what is going on in your life; changes don’t care where you find yourself in life, changes are just agents that occur.

Look at your body. Changes have occurred from your youth, even from your birth. Change in the way we see things. Change in the way we eat. Change in the way we learn. Change in the way we perceive life. We change our diet. We change our mind. We change our way of doing things. Change will happen. The question is, “What are you going to do about it?”

This is where drastic measures are so important because if you don’t take drastic measures to meet drastic changes, guess what, death is inevitable. The person you want to become requires your involvement. The person you want to become requires your effort. The person you want to become requires drastic measures for you to get there. Do not minimize getting down and doing it. That’s the bottom line. The teaching belongs to those who take drastic measures now to get to their destiny. What do I mean? This is so important; I want you to get this because it is so important. A person who does not take drastic measures to meet drastic changes is going to be behind getting to their destiny. This reminds me of the biblical character of Joshua. God told Joshua, “…My servant, Moses is dead.” He looked at Joshua and said, (I’m paraphrasing here… Joshua 1:2) “You have worked with Moses for 40 years and seen the drastic measures he took in the wilderness to get you to the Promised Land.” What is God talking about? He’s talking about how Moses took the challenge of getting the children of Israel across the Red Sea when the  Egyptians were chasing them. They were running from the Egyptians to get out of slavery. You know the story and if not, go to the Holy Bible (Exodus 13:17-19) and read it. The story itself is interesting (Book of Exodus).

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