Ministry Needs – June

helping the less fortunateJune 2014

Dear Supporters, Nation Building International Ministries (NBIM) is an outreach ministry located in Cincinnati, Ohio that has been empowering people with the knowledge of Christ, fulfilling human needs and transforming environments since 1998. This is done by providing education, food, shelter, transportation, healthcare and employment through their Programs of Community Service. Locally, they

  • Provide personal care items, sanitizers, soap, toiletries
  • Weekly transport food to 10 communities in Cincinnati
  • Provide financial assistance for medical supplies, and
  • Transportation for low-income, economically disadvantaged and disabled residents throughout Cincinnati.

The purpose of this letter is to ask for your financial support to continue these services to the communities. A gift of $5 could provide

• 5 Bibles                   • 5 bars of soap  • 5 packs of toothpaste • 1 day’s transportation to and from employment        • 1 meal for today   • 1 $4 medicine refill $10 could provide      • 10 Bibles      • 2 prescription refills at $4      • 2 days of transportation • 1 day of food             • 10 packs of tissue paper        10 toothbrushes $50 could provide     • 50 Bibles      • 28 trips of transportation      • 25 bars of soap • 25 4-pack packages of toilet paper      • 25 wash clothes      • 12 $4 medicine refills

Please join us in reaching out and sharing the love of God. For more information send request to:

May God richly bless you?

Minister S. C. McQueen, Executive Director


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